2011-04-20 00:45:47 by Pinkv86

I joined the army.
Last minute decision.

been busy, lets sextxt later ok?

Much love babe-
...Pinky <~3

-Note: Pic from Google. dont ask for timestamps this month. >:( -



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2011-04-20 01:05:49

I don't think I could join the army.

Pinkv86 responds:

I did not either...


2011-04-20 01:20:51

But you did.
Good for you I guess.

Pinkv86 responds:

Not really. Not the best career move. no-no.


2011-04-20 01:31:20

Not at all.
If I was you I wouldn't have.
Cause you probably got someone that would constantly worry about your safety.

Pinkv86 responds:

eh. i drive artillery. Nobody is to worried about a little dutch girl in a armored vehicle.


2011-04-20 01:33:35

Do you speak english or dutch?
I would worry...if I knew you.

Pinkv86 responds:

both. and german, and a bit of italian.

And now the army has me learning Arabic. :\


2011-04-20 01:36:51

Wow I can only speak english.

Pinkv86 responds:

being versed in many languages really pays off.
you should learn dutch! Dan kunnen we hebben goede gesprekken, ja?


2011-04-20 01:38:41

Your getting cooler and cooler by the minute :D


2011-04-20 01:42:13

Nah I'm good for now I barely know how to speak english.
And I've lived in america ALL of my life.
But I might ask you to teach me how to speak dutch at a later date.

Pinkv86 responds:

i am not sure if i could teach dutch. but i would at least try, for anyone who thinks i am cool! :P lol


2011-04-20 01:48:54

Ja, we kunnen niemand zal dan weten wat we in hemelsnaam zeggen.

Pinkv86 responds:

Haha! not a bad translator! yes, that would be fun


2011-04-20 02:03:25

You are cool the fact you can speak 4 languages proves it.


2011-04-20 02:05:44

Yep kunt u fantastische dingen doen met Google Translate.


2011-04-20 02:12:08

War... the final frontier. We are the mother fucker with big guns and shit of the army... and we are here to kick asses

Pinkv86 responds:

I do have a big gun! I drive a Howitzer which is a very large artillery gun. but i dont actually drive it, i just look on a computer and poke my head out to look for traps.

..which i also havent done yet. :\


2011-04-20 02:12:22

Be safe <3

Pinkv86 responds:

dont worry about me! I probably will not see any sort of gunfire in my service. :3


2011-04-20 02:16:25

Wacht u hebt gewerkt aan Robot Tolonious met CloudEater en ilovemuse! Ik weet dat beiden!

Pinkv86 responds:

haha! ya, i was not really a big part of that flash, but i guess it was good enough to make front page! wooooo! :3


2011-04-20 02:26:03

Nou ik moet naar bed want ik weet niet hoe laat het is waar je bent, maar zijn als 1:25 hier zo welterusten.
Hey PM me als je hier zodat we kunnen praten.

Pinkv86 responds:

^_^ ok, good night!!!!


2011-04-20 05:40:27

Good luck in the army gurl, hope you have fun.


(Updated ) Pinkv86 responds:

oh i will! i make friends easily, and whats not fun about driving a PzH2000 with a 155mm artillery gun, loaded with MRGI, firing 3 rounds in 9 seconds, or 12 rounds in a minute with the ability to fire and have all rounds hit one target at the same time.

ya, i thin k i am going to have fun!!!!


2011-04-21 00:44:05



2011-04-21 15:35:40

Wow ik wist niet dat. Over de geweren.
Waarschijnlijk omdat ik niet echt zorgen voor geweld.
De meest gewelddadige ik ooit geweest was tijdens het spelen van GTA.
Andere dan die ik Wat games zoals Call of Duty haat.

Pinkv86 responds:

ching chong


2011-04-22 15:30:03

Snakes! IZ Allz Aroundz You! :D YEhh Boii!
representin this shit! Dope

Pinkv86 responds:

that is gangster ya?


2011-04-23 07:25:46

I worry about her, fuck ass.

Pinkv86 responds:

i'm a navigater in a armored vehicle. fuck ass.


2011-04-26 17:52:18



2011-05-07 21:42:18

good luck in the army, and have fun!

Pinkv86 responds:

you know it! ho-rah!

thats that american video game army men say ya?


2011-05-17 17:04:20

you'd be like
"pinkvolt is in the hizzhouse, what up commander?"

Pinkv86 responds:

not sure how well that would go!


2011-05-21 15:15:37

Fuckin' Show-off. Stop breeding attention in your news posts.

Pinkv86 responds:

I like it when you talk dirty to me.
dirty like the white wife beating trailer trash you are.

JK vic you know our love is eternal! :3


2011-06-08 00:05:02

What will you do?

Pinkv86 responds:

drive a howitzer.