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Never Forget to Remember

Posted by Pinkv86 - August 22nd, 2016

I miss everyone here and all the times we had, both in NG, Teamspeak, Minecraft, Xbox, and IRL.  Hope life is alright for everyone else. I'll never forget this place.  I come and visit from time to time, but can't commit much time here. 

On a serious and related note, I have been accepted into a relief organizations active in Syria.  God damn do these people they make it hard to volenteer for them, too.

Drop me a line sometime.  Don't forget to remember the people in your life.  Even if they were just a yellow name next to a little profile picture, there is a full-sized person on the other side, and they matter.  Every person you come into contact with matters, and you can make a diffrence in them! Even if it's really small, your influence is there.  Don't forget that.  And don't forget me.  

I'm going to Syria one way or another to make my diffrence.  They need my influence.  It's a hateful place, and I wont be wearing anything over my face or hair.  I'm scared as hell.  I hope I can see Holland again before I die. 

I love you all, and remember this!  Be virtuous and consiterate to your brothers and sisters.  This is the only way we can advance as a race.  It's up to us, now!


<3 Pinky

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NEE! JE MAG NIET STERVEN IN SYRIË! als je daar doodgaat loop ik een kans mis om een waarschijnlijk superleuk persoon te ontmoeten van mijn favoriete community! de Newgrounds community. godverdomme. mijn hart is bij je. ik ken je niet, jij kent mij niet, maar je verstaat me, en begrijpt het. zo is de mens. we begrijpen elkaar. ik wens je veel succes in Syrië, en ik hoop dat jou, en de mensen waar je mee samenwerkt, niks zal overkomen &lt;3

haha Ja ik begrijpen. Bedankt voor de vriendelijke woorden! ;)
I'm sure I'll be OK. Don't walk! You will never make it through Turkey >_<

I forgot people use this site.

Best of luck Pinky. You're very great and admirable.

I hope you've been safe.

Whoa shit. Just found this
Best of luck
Be smart with your surroundings and stay safe

Miss your butt, Pinkv. Heard you've had some difficulties. I really worry for you and haven't forgotten. You're surrounded by enemies and I know your aid group doesn't see sides but I hope they keep you safe and out of the way of the radicals. I envy you because my life went a different direction, but I am glad you're out there doing good and hope later it's an achievement you will be honored for and not a sacrifice we morn for.

Love ya.

Hope everything is going well for you!